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What is Easter?

Long before Jesus Christ became a subject of adoration worldwide, some people in Europe worshipped the Goddess of Spring, named ‘Eostre’. It was thought that the sun died in winter and was born again in spring. It was thought Eostre made the sun shine stronger, hence the name Easter for this time of the year….

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Sharing is Caring

Cambridge College International has embarked on a beautiful project in Thailand led by our marketing colleague Mon Sinprasong. Under the slogan, “Sharing is Caring”, Mon set out to ship a few boxes of CCI bottles to the children of a school in the province of Kachanaburi. Mon says, “I have the chance to travel to…

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AAC program receives IELTS Morgan Terry Award

AAC program receives IELTS Morgan Terry Award Savva Papandony, Head Teacher (ELICOS) at Australian Academy of Commerce, excited to receive the IELTS Morgan Terry Memorial Award The IELTS Morgan Terry Memorial IATEFL Scholarship Award is a prestigious award which celebrates innovative practice in the teaching of IELTS. The annual scholarship is awarded for creative, resourceful…

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