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Which Course is Right for You?

Australia offers education that is amongst the best in the world. Here is some advice for choosing the right course when there are so many good options on offer at AAC. 1. Focus where your strengths are. If you enjoy a topic, you’re more likely to remember information about it and get better grades. For…

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Why Students Love Australia

It’s official, students from overseas just love Australia. HERE ARE SOME REASONS WHY: • Australians are very proud of their lifestyle. Often called laid-back, Aussies enjoy peacefulness, informal conversations, and relaxing in the sun after hard work. As you can imagine, it’s very easy to love the Aussie way of life. • A lot of…

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AAC program receives IELTS Morgan Terry Award

AAC program receives IELTS Morgan Terry Award Savva Papandony, Head Teacher (ELICOS) at Australian Academy of Commerce, excited to receive the IELTS Morgan Terry Memorial Award The IELTS Morgan Terry Memorial IATEFL Scholarship Award is a prestigious award which celebrates innovative practice in the teaching of IELTS. The annual scholarship is awarded for creative, resourceful…

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Study Your Way to Success

Study Your Way to Success TEACH. According to several studies, teaching is one of the most effective ways to learn ( Explaining how something works helps you remember it, and it also aids you in understanding the topic. This is a bonus for those of you who benefit from auditory learning. You can read your…

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