Counselling and Coaching supporting you to flourish

The Counselling Service allows students to openly discuss any concerns and problems that they may currently be experiencing which is affecting their studies or life in Australia, with a professional counsellor in a confidential setting.

Years of studying can be a time of accelerated growth, significant challenges and considerable stress, however, studying in a new country can enhance the stress and present new challenges to students that are difficult to cope with.

The Student Counsellor is here to help you learn how to deal with such challenges and get the most out of your time at the college and from living in Australia. The services provided are free of charge and you are welcome to see the Counsellor regarding a variety of areas including:

• Studying in a new country
• Finding Employment
• Difficulties with living arrangements
• Loneliness and Separation Anxiety from your family
• Self-Esteem
• Physical Abuse and Trauma
• Procrastination
• Family Issues
• Interpersonal conflicts
• Relationship Advice
• Depression
• Cultural or ethnic concerns
• Achievement conflicts
• Problems with Drugs & Alcohol

If you need to speak to the counsellor, book an appointment by emailing