AAC Language Centre is the Australian Academy of Commerce campus for English courses. We have a modern and spacious premises, and have a history of delivering English courses of the highest quality.
This standard has been endorsed by NEAS and English Australia, two globally recognised organisations that benchmark English learning.

Our teachers are full of energy, highly qualified, and have won awards for innovative practice in teaching.

AAC Language Centre is filled with like-minded students; your classmates all come from different places but share the goal of improving and developing their English.

To help you succeed with your English goals, we have great facilities and support to ensure you have everything you need.

  • • Bright common area for relaxation, revising, and chatting with your classmates
  • • Student kitchen including microwave and fridge
  • • Free WiFi is available so you can connect with your classmates and family, and look up any tricky English words!
  • • Our modern classrooms are equipped with projectors
  • • Printers and photocopiers are available for students

In addition to these facilities, our highly trained support staff are ready to help during any stage of your learning journey. We also have a student counsellor available for any difficulties you might be having.


AAC Language Centre is located in a brand new campus in the very heart of Sydney CBD.

Our bright classrooms look out over the city surrounds. You will love the Sydney vibe, as the city is filled with a huge mix of nationalities, which means you will always find friends to practice your English with.

Our teachers have a zest for life and language, and will inspire you so much that you’ll feel confident with your English in no time.

Each course has excursions and trips built into the curriculum, so you can take your learning with you.

So what are you waiting for? Come and try our award-winning English courses!

Learn more about our courses by emailing info@aac.nsw.edu.au


The campus is located at LEVEL 8, 338 PITT STREET SYDNEY NSW 2000, a 2 minute walk from Museum station and about 5 minutes walk from Townhall station.