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General English (CRICOS 093103A)

Whether you are just starting out with the English Language, or continuing your studies, at AAC Language Centre you will find a level that’s just right for you.

Our highly qualified teachers are here to help and motivate, while making sure you can use language in everyday situations and not just in the classroom. Our educational settings take a variety of forms, including in the classroom, regular excursions, parties and events, and movie nights. With our lessons being interactive and thematic, we believe this enables students to become more motivated and develop their learning skills further.

Our lessons will help you develop in all the four skill areas: speaking; reading; writing and listening, whist always improving your grammar. Following a General English course, you will have a solid English language foundation to progress to higher level classes in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and IELTS Preparation, or other and Business courses if you wish.

Whatever level you begin with, and at whatever level you qualify, you will find that here at AAC, our goal of helping you to reach your full potential has been realized.

The General English course provides students with English language skills in 6 different levels, and helps students communicate clearly. These communication skills enable students to function successfully both socially and professionally in Australia, and abroad.

  • Developing fluency and accuracy in both spoken and written language.
  • 6 level courses to suit students from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Pathway to courses in Academic English and to IELTS Preparation courses.
  • Intensive interaction between students and their teachers in small classes (no more than 18 students).
  • Interactive and thematic lessons to help students reach their full potential.
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers who understand your needs and provide the support and advice that you need.
  • Up to date classroom technology that engages and motivates learning.


By starting with the basic communication skills, a focus is placed on simple grammar and vocabulary building. Our aim is to motivate students to speak and practice English.

  • Learn how to deal with basic social situations
  • Able to communicate at work, shop easily, or speak on the telephone
  • Read essential information from simple words and short sentences
  • Write short sentences using simple stock phrases


Learning through books is one effective way of acquiring a language. However, here at AAC we also place a great emphasis on practical tasks and activities. Many of our lessons are interactive and thematic, and we believe this enables students to develop their skills further to reach their full potential.

  • Learn to put two or three sentences together
  • A Take part in conversations
  • Build vocabulary and grammar
  • Read longer texts


Taking part in conversations is one of the best ways of learning a new language, whether it is at work, shopping, at cafes and restaurants, or at school. By sharing their own life stories, students can learn more about the world, and take part in more meaningful conversations. In this level, students become aware of, and use frequently used English and especially Australian expressions.

  • Learn to communicate with fair fluency and accuracy
  • Express personal attitude and participate in discussions of different topics
  • Able to read few paragraphs and a variety of language structures
  • Write short letters or paragraphs


By this level, most of the necessary grammar has been learnt, although a more detailed approach is taken. The skills achieved enable a concentration on the development of reading and formal writing skills, such as reading and writing short essays and reports, and in the giving of entertaining, yet educational presentations. Business documents are also studied to help those planning to enter one of our business or marketing courses.

  • Give descriptions and opinions on familiar topics
  • Read short simplified novels or newspaper articles
  • Write short essays to describe familiar things and events, or write simple reports to convey opinions
  • Develop research skills
  • Give presentations


The Upper-Intermediate course aims to further develop the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking and to consolidate language structures and lexis at an advanced level to facilitate students’ further study in a university or vocational course with the skills and knowledge needed to meet the challenging English requirements of tertiary education. The course also incorporates an independent learning project that fosters students’ autonomous learning and critical thinking.

  • Understand almost everything in conversations on complex topics
  • Speaks on any topic and can substantiate opinions and discuss other people’s viewpoints
  • Understand almost everything in media
  • Read short novels and newspaper without difficulties
  • Write abstract, discuss opinions or viewpoints
  • Develop research skills


Once the Advanced level has been reached, our students have gained a confidence in all language skills. Not only do they participate in conversations, but they generate them. The reading of literature is promoted, as is the studying of newspaper articles. Unknown words are not a problem, as students have learnt many methods to find meaning contextually.

  • Communicate with fluency and accuracy
  • Understand complicated texts
  • Speaks effectively in complex, discussions in social/ academic/ work situations
  • Read and write informally, formally, and idiomatically
  • Hold extended conversations comfortably
  • Develop research skills

There are no entry requirements. We will place you in a class according to your score on the AAC placement test or your IELTS score or equivalent.

Classes may be scheduled from Monday to Thursday in the morning or the afternoon at our Kogarah Campus

  • Morning class: 8.30 am - 2.15 pm
  • Afternoon class: 4.30 pm - 8.45 pm

Sample timetable for an Upper-Intermediate level General English class

08.30-10.30Lesson 1: Theme Introduction. National stereotypes: truth or myth. Listening & Speaking. Positive and negative characteristics Listening to CD and filling in the gapsLesson 1: Reading. The English and How they Dress. Prediction through images, True or False Q&A. Vocabulary. Clothes & Fashion.Lesson 1: Speaking Skills. Language of possibility and speculation. A guided speaking practice (CAE skills)Lesson 1: Writing. Stories told in exactly 50 words. Examples, fill in the gaps to make sure examples are 50 words (grammar specific)
10:45-12.45Lesson 2: Grammar/Reading. Adjectives as nouns: Heaven & Hell. Exercise demonstrated through readingLesson 2: Speaking. Active listening: Get it Right. Useful language for; asking for information and showing surpriseLesson 2: Video listening. "Love and Money”. Comprehension and discussionLesson 2: Writing. Mini sagas: Student practice. Planning, writing, and presenting to class
12.45-13.15Lunch BreakLunch BreakLunch BreakLunch Break
13.15-14.15Lesson 3: Grammar. Adjectives as nouns. Read the rules/ structures, complete exercises, class discussionLesson 3: Pronunciation. A Vowel sounds: short, long or dipthongs. Listening, demonstration, identification, and practiceLesson 3: Student presentation. QANTAS- a brief history. Followed by class Q&ALesson 3: Colloquial English. Australian English - idiomatic language. A comparison of Australian words and phrases to British and U.S. English

There are regular assessments and progress checks during each level of the course:

  • Progress tests and exit tests based on material covered during the period of study.
  • Participation in class activities such as pair work, group work and special projects.
  • Homework tasks and special assignments based on researching topics and spoken presentations.

At the end of each level, you will be awarded a ‘Statement of Achievement’, which indicate your completion of that level of English.

Course length varies from 2 weeks to 60 weeks in 2017, dependent on your current English level, your progress within the course and the English level you wish to achieve.

  • Start  dates: Any Monday
  • Finish dates: Varies
  • No of weeks: 2-60 weeks
  • Hours per week: 20 hours
  • Materials: $100

* Extra fees will apply whenever an applicant wishes to amend enrollment details, which requires the creation of a new eCoE. The updated eCoE will attract a $40 administration charge.