Course progress

Australian Academy of Commerce is required to monitor and record student academic progress throughout their period of enrolment. When a student does not meet the course requirements for two consecutive terms they may be reported to DET via PRISMS as required under section 19 of the ESOS Act 2000 and this may result in their visa being cancelled.


Student visa holders are required to attend full-time study only.
The minimum amount of full-time study shall be 20 contact hours per week, taken as an average for each term while the course is in session.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Under Standard 7 of the National Code 2007, except for special circumstances, registered providers are restricted from enrolling and transferring students prior to completing the first six months of the principal course of study.

In the unlikely event that the Australian Academy of Commerce (‘Academy’) is unable to deliver your course in full, you will be offered a refund of all the course money you have paid to date. The refund will be paid to you within two weeks of the day on which the course ceased being provided. Alternatively, you may be offered enrolment in an alternative course by the Australian Academy of Commerce at no cost to you. You have the right to choose whether you would prefer a full refund of course fees, or to accept a place in another course. If you choose placement in another course, we will ask you to sign a document to indicate that you accept the placement.

If the Academy is unable to provide a refund or place you in an alternative course the Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS) will attempt to place you in a suitable alternative course or, if this is not possible, you will be eligible for a refund as calculated by the TPS Director. For more information visit the official TPS website or call 02 6271 3440.

To apply for a refund – a Refund Application Form or Agent Refund Application Form (if applying through an agent) – must be completed and submitted to the Student Services Manager. The Australian Academy of Commerce will issue refunds in advance payment of tuition fees within 28 days when:

  • Tuition fees are refunded in full; less 5% of the total amount of pre-paid tuition fees (up to a maximum amount of $500) if your application for a student visa is rejected by DIBP (the official visa refusal letter from DIBP must be provided as evidence);
  • If you withdraw from your course 28 days or more prior to the commencement of your course (commencement of course is defined in this policy and procedure as the course start date as per the original Application Form submitted by the student or an agent and not subsequent enrolment changes to the starting date), 80% of your tuition fee will be refunded;
  • If you withdraw from your course less than 28 days prior to the commencement of your course, a fee equal to one term tuition will be charged;
  • If you applied for a visa extension and it was not granted by DIBP; the unused tuition fees are refunded in full;
  • If you are a current student and withdraw in writing 28 days or more prior to the commencement of the following term the Academy shall refund the unused tuition fees;
  • If a student is provisionally enrolled, on condition of achieving evidence of acceptable English Language Proficiency, and the student cannot achieve the required level, all tuition fees and charges corresponding to the course will be refunded less a charge of AU$300.

We will not issue refunds for:

  • Application fee, accommodation assistance & airport reception fees;
  • If you withdraw from your course after the course has commenced;
  • If you withdraw from your course not in accordance with your visa obligations and behaved not in good faith;
  • Change in student’s work hours;
  • Inconvenience of travel to class;
  • Moving interstate or overseas;
  • Job change or retrenchment;
  • Students who leave before completing the course &/or qualification.
  • If a student becomes a permanent resident of Australia during the program.
  • No guarantee of university or other pathway places will apply to such students.
  • If DIBP has rejected your student visa application based on their finding that you have supplied fraudulent documents along with your student visa application.

Eligible refunds will be refunded within 28 days of receipt of written notification. The Australian Academy of Commerce will provide the student a statement that explains how the amount has been worked out.

Refund will only be given to the person who paid the tuition fees. For example, if the tuition fee was paid by an agent or parents, the money will only be refunded to either the agent or parents.

“This agreement, and the availability of complaints and appeals processes, does not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws”.


The Australian Academy of Commerce reserves the right to expel any student for serious breach of discipline and visa obligations as well as failure to pay tuition fees on time. Any advanced fees will not be refunded.

Grievance Resolution

The Australian Academy of Commerce has procedures and resolution processes in place for the prompt and fair hearing and resolving student grievances. These procedures do not remove the right for the student to pursue outside legal remedies.

Credit Transfer & RPL

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) allows a candidate to receive exemptions for the knowledge and skills they attained or who have had extensive work experience in some aspects. Students who have completed previous studies of their proposed course – with appropriate evidence – may apply for a Credit Transfer before starting. Overseas students should apply for Credit Transfer or RPL before his/her visa is granted.

Arrival and orientation

If you have enrolled in any course, it is advisable to arrive at least one week prior to the course commencement. Overseas students must attend the scheduled orientation day before registering as a student.

Course start dates

Starting dates for the business qualifications are generally quarterly, every term. There are also specific entry points during the term where candidates can start. Contact the Australian Academy of Commerce to arrange study entry other than the term commencement.

Administration Costs

Extra fees will apply whenever an applicant wishes to amend enrolment details, which requires a creation of a new eCoE. The updated eCoE will attract a $40 administration charge.


To be completed by all students.

I understand that any misleading information that I have provided on this form and to the Australian Academy of Commerce could result in the termination of this application and future enrolment and agreements with the Australian Academy of Commerce. Furthermore, I permit AAC to apply for an USI on my behalf if I do not have one.