It’s official, students from overseas just love Australia.


• Australians are very proud of their lifestyle. Often called laid-back, Aussies enjoy peacefulness, informal conversations, and relaxing in the sun after hard work. As you can imagine, it’s very easy to love the Aussie way of life.
• A lot of international students stay in Australia after they graduate because of the opportunities the “Great Southern Land” has to offer.
• Students receive discounts on almost everything in Australia. From transport, to clothes shopping, to movie tickets, you can get a concession to help with costs while studying.
• International students are never bored in Australia. There are hundreds of activities every month happening all over the country, and lots of attractions to visit. Australia has diverse scenery with a range of climates across the nation.


• International students never feel alone in Australia. The nation is built on multiculturalism, and this is shown with our variety of cuisines from all over the world, and cultural festivals to celebrate the diverse traditions of people living in the country. The Australian Government has programs promoting cultural awareness, and gives funding to ethnic community organisations.
• Safety first! Australia is a safe place to live and study. This is because there are lots of national standards for things like roads, businesses, and schools.
• Education in Australia is ranked among the best in the world. People who study here graduate with job-readiness and internationally recognised certificates and degrees. Australia is respected for its quality and high standards of education. The result of this is the innovative research and forward thinking inventions that come out of Australia every year. There are a lot of great opportunities waiting for you.


Australia has it all! With all of the support for our diverse society, friendly people, and everything you need close by, it’s no wonder students feel right at home.

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